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Christan Mercurio

Christan MercurioIn Silicon Valley, I've merged my deep appreciation for craftsmanship with a commitment to sustainability. With a foundation from San Jose State University and extensive experience in the tech industry, I launched a luxury handcrafted accessories brand in 2022. My passion for quality materials and traditional techniques has been the cornerstone of this endeavor. Each item I create is a testament to the meticulous saddle stitching method, a choice that prioritizes handcrafting over machine production, ensuring unmatched quality and exclusivity.

My dedication to environmental responsibility is reflected in my selection of materials. I exclusively utilize premium vegetable-tanned leather sourced from tanneries that align with my ethical and ecological values. This approach not only underscores my commitment to sustainability but also ensures that each product acquires a distinctive patina over time, enhancing its individuality and elegance.

Designed for those who value eco-consciousness, craftsmanship, and enduring design, my accessories offer a unique blend of luxury and responsibility. By choosing my brand, customers support a vision of sustainable luxury, receiving pieces that are as stylish as they are considerate of our planet.


My Work

Every item I craft is a testament to the art of handcrafting, from the initial cut to the final stitch, all done personally with traditional saddle stitching. This process, though time-consuming, is a deliberate choice that ensures the creation of the strongest, most visually appealing bags I can envision. The effort invested in each piece varies; it takes a minimum of 10 hours for the smaller bags and up to 40 hours for the larger ones, all to achieve perfection.

I source exclusively uncorrected full-grain vegetable-tanned leathers from Wickett & Craig of Curwensville, PA, USA, a tannery with a heritage dating back to 1867. Choosing the highest grade hides means embracing their natural imperfections—marks from the tanning process and the life stories of the animals themselves. These characteristics not only bring a unique depth to each bag but also promise a patina that grows richer with time. In designing the bags, I opt for a single leather piece for the body, which, despite requiring more material and minimizing economic efficiency, enhances the bag's strength and beauty. This design philosophy ensures that, thanks to the durability of saddle stitching, the leather will wear out before the seam ever does, guaranteeing the longevity and superior quality of every bag I make.